Has Banksy Been To A Seaside Spraycation?

Has Banksy Been To A Seaside Spraycation? post thumbnail image

Has Banksy been to a east Anglian seaside spraycation? That is right, the self-styled London artist has made headlines across the world with his bizarre and wonderful art and graffiti. His graffiti art has made its way from the streets of London to the homes and offices of millions across the globe. A fantastic piece of Banksy art can be seen across Europe and North America, from New York’s Times Square to the walls and roof of Los Angeles.

His graffiti art can be described as a commentary on the politics and society of both Britain and the UK. He has stated that he wants the work to make people think, to question everything, to challenge conventional views. He has said that British society is like a puzzle, which he has been trying to put together over the years. Is this the work of a master artist? Many people have claimed it to be so.

The name Banksy may ring a bell to anyone who has been to the English seaside towns on a visit there, or who lives in the areas of London closest to the coastline. It is a name that is very common and probably not unique to those areas. However, the real identity of this elusive street artist is in dispute. He is described as a Bristolian and is said to be from Bristol in the south of England. However, there are links to Banksy’s real home in East Anglia.

Where did Banksy come from? He was said to have been brought up in Bristol, but this has never been confirmed. He does, however, have an art gallery in Bristol. Bristol is where the world known graffiti artist was born.

The mystery man or woman who is really responsible for the Banksy graffiti found on the coast of East Anglia has never been positively identified. His exact identity remains a mystery, but he has never been arrested and has continued to produce graffiti over the years. The only other person with the same name is a girl from York who lives in the town of Rushden. No one is really sure where she came from, although her artwork is thought to be similar to Banksy’s.

So, what is it about the Bristol graffiti that is causing such intrigue? Many think it is because of its visibility, and this could even be true. A lot of the pictures in this gallery have led to investigations being carried out by detectives. Was this simply to keep track of who this mysterious person was, or was there more sinister motives at work here? Only time will tell, but for now it seems that Banksy’s original Banksy graffiti has found a new home along the coast of East Anglia.

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